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Romanian charity acting in the interest of all animals. Our projects are: rescue, adoption, spay and neuter, responsible pet ownership, education, animal assisted therapy.

Our motto is "Respect & Responsibility for animals!"

How can you help?

Every dog has its story - what kind of life did it live, how was it saved before coming to GIA center?
Unfortunately, many dogs don't find a family - it might be because of their apparance, their bahaviour or for other reasons.

We let them stay at our pound in Bucharest for many years, in some cases their entire lives. At GIA, we strive to offer a simple life in safety among kind people.

Providing food, veterinary care, vaccination, sterilisation and special care for elderly dogs all entail high cost for a small organisation.

"Adoption at a distance" is a way you can help. You can choose a dog to support with monthly donations. Even a small amount makes a huge difference.


Your donation will go to blankets and dog houses to protect from heat and cold, rain and wind

To give help, choose a dog to sposor and fill out our donation form

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The use of your donation will be adapted to the need of the dog you are sponsoring, whether it be special food, medicine, shampoo or social training from special staff.

Veterinary care

Your donation will go to vaccination, deworming, sterilisation/castration and regular health checks.

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"Life is short, do big things" -

Robin Sharma